OUR MISSION is to provide a forum for activists, litigators and survivors of oppression on the front lines of social justice efforts to share cases, strategies and successes to expose and defeat human rights abuse cover-ups world-wide.

2016 Keynote Speakers

Expanding the Concept of Human Rights & Defeating Efforts to Cover-Up Crimes

Vince Warren

Vince Warren

Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

Vince Warren oversees CCR’s groundbreaking litigation and advocacy work, including using international and domestic law to hold corporations and governments accountable for human rights abuses; challenging the mass incarceration of predominantly people of color and police misconduct directed at the minority communities; opposing illegal expansion of US presidential power such as illegal detention at Guantanamo, rendition, and torture. The CCR recently won an important legal victory against the NYPD where a federal judge ruled its “stop and frisk” policies unconstitutional and racially biased. Vince is a frequent guest on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Show, The Reid Report, and Up with Chris Hayes, and has appeared on Moyers & Company with Bill Moyers and Democracy Now! His writing has been featured in the New York Times Room for Debate, on the Huffington Post, and on CNN.com, among other publications. See Full Bio

Almudena Bernabeu

Director, Center for Justice and Accountability

Bernabeu has worked in human rights and international law for over 16 years and has received many awards for her human rights work.  Bernabeu is the lead on CJA’s work in Spain in the Guatemala Genocide Case and the Jesuits Massacre Case and oversees CJA’s Transitional Justice Program.  She was included as one of Time magazine’s 200 most influential people (2012). Bernabeu was recently awarded the Letelier/Moffitt Human Rights Award by the Institute for Policy Studies. She and the CJA have filed numerous lawsuits against human rights violators and represent the victims of the Jesuit Massacres from El Salvador and the widow and daughters of famed Chilean songwriter, Victor Jara. See Full Bio

Session Speakers & Panelists

Dean Kellye Testy

Toni Rembe Dean & Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law

Dean Testy is a journalist turned lawyer and is the first female dean in the 110-year history of the U.W. School of Law. She has taught courses on a variety of subjects from contracts to economic justice and has received awards and accolades from the Washington State Bar Association, the Washington Women Lawyers, and the King County Women Lawyers. She was also given the Public Justice Award from the WA State Association for Justice.

Angelina Godoy, Ph.D.

Professor, Director, Center for Human Rights, Jackson School of International Studies

Angelina and her collaborators are litigating FOIA cases against the CIA for withholding documents related to El Salvador’s human rights violations in the 1980’s. Her offices were recently broken into and case files stolen. Dr. Godoy’s research focuses on human rights in Latin America. She is the recipient of the University of Washington 2014 Outstanding Public Service Award.

Mike Withey

Human Rights Attorney and Former President of Public Justice Foundation

Mike is the author of “Summary Execution: The Political Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes”, an upcoming book exposing the role of US Intelligence in the 1981 murders of two anti-Marcos labor activists in Seattle. Mike won the only judgment against a foreign head of state for the murder of American citizens on US soil and is litigating FOIA cases against the FBI, Naval Intelligence and the NSA related to an FBI informant placed at the scene of the crime who later testified for the murderers.

John Dinges

Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

John Dinges is a former foreign correspondent and author of three books on major events involving the United States and Latin America. He was a special correspondent in Chile and Central America for The Washington Post, and also served as deputy foreign editor and managing editor of National Public Radio News. Mr. Dinges is the recipient of the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for excellence in Latin American reporting, and the Media Award of the Latin American Studies Association. He is currently on the faculty of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He has an MA in Latin American studies from Stanford University.


Human rights activists, survivors of oppression and representatives of leading human rights organizations tell their their stories, discuss on-going investigations, and share methods used to organize, mobilize and strategize to expose cover-ups and seek justice

Gerald Lenoir: Black Lives Matter/Mass Incarceration/Police Violence/Ferguson

Jorge and Lucia Cerna: Victims and survivors of Jesuits Massacre in El Salvador, introduced by Jack Connolly of Connelly Law Offices, PLLC

Cindy Domingo: Activist, Former National Coordinator of Committee for Justice for Domingo and Viernes

Clemente Rodriguez Moreno and Pablo Hernandez Morales:  A special welcome to these parents from the Ayotzinapa investigation of the kidnapped/disappeared 43 Mexican students in 2015.

Nikkita Oliver, Seattle Poet and Attorney