Friends and Families Commemorate 35th Anniversary of Slain Activists

Posted by Michael Withey

The friends and families of Gene Viernes and Silme Domingo commemorated the 35th Anniversary of their murders on June 1, 2016, united in the belief that our fallen brothers live on in our lives, memories, and activism.

There is much to report on in our ongoing struggle for justice for Silme and Gene:

  • LELO's 2016 Annual Event Postcard

    LELO’s 2016 Annual Event Postcard

    Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organization (LELO) will hold a 35thAnniversary Commemoration as part of the Annual Domingo, Viernes and Jefferson Awards

    When: June 18, 2016

    Where: The Filipino Community Center
                   5740 M.L. King Jr. Way, South, Seattle WA  98118

    Details: The dinner event starts at 5:30pm and will feature three awards:  The Domingo, Viernes and Jefferson Awards, The John Caughlan Award and the Frederick Simons Scholarship. Please attend.


  • The completed manuscript of “Summary Execution:  The Political Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes” was sent to the editor for revisions on June 1, 2016. Following editorial comment, the manuscript will then hopefully be submitted to publishers by our literary agent. Stay tuned for upcoming developments.
  • A moving Facebook entry from Lisa Michaud, author Mike Withey’s daughter, who was 10 years old when the murders occurred:
    Lisa Michaud

    Lisa Michaud

    “This event and the subsequent fight for justice was such a large part of my youth. The murders of my father’s friends occurred a few days before my 10th birthday and in my senior year in high school I saw him present the civil case against the Marcos family in Federal Court. As a child I couldn’t understand it all, but I saw my father’s heartbreak and then dedication to find the truth and hold the true murderers accountable, even while putting his own life at risk. As an adult, having a chance to read court proceedings and listen to the stories with the new perspective of an adult (and parent), I continue to stand in awe of him, the Domingo family and all the people involved who worked past the grief of their loss to fight for so many years to find justice. Can you imagine, being in your 20s/30s, taking upon yourself (because the cops and government sure weren’t going to do it) to find A DICTATOR OF A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE? Doing your own investigative work, tracking down gang members on the run, living off of donations, tying pay-offs of convicted hit men to murders of political/labor activists. It’s amazing what you accomplished Michael Withey, Cindy Domingo, and all of the family & friends involved! Looking forward to reading the upcoming book by my father which goes deeper into the US Intelligence involvement.”

Please stay tuned to the  website and Facebook page for further developments in our struggle for justice.  We have yet to receive the 1100 documents maintained by the FBI on its informant responsible for the cover-up these murders.  We will keep you posted on the findings.   Hasta la Victoria!  Gene and Silme PRESENTE!!

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